About Us

If you are looking for thin leather design Products then here we are. We only use top grain leather and of course our leather is aniline dyed for quality.


  • Who you are? I'm Adolfo and my wife is Sofia.
  • Why you sell the items you sell? I worked for a furniture store for almost 18 years and learned what high quality leather looked, smelled and felt like. I needed a wallet so i made myself a bi-fold wallet and the rest came after...
  • Where you are located? We are in sunny San Diego CA
  • How long you have been in business? Been working with leather for a good 3 years but after being laid off 8 months ago (6/15/17)  I'm doing this full time.
  • Contact information? Thinleatherdesign@gmail.com
  • Social links: facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. under: Thin Leather Design